Association Requirements/Deadlines

Every association needs to pick and declare a League Rep asap (see League Rep Responsibilities under the Documents tab).
Each League Rep needs to complete the following:
  • Enter your association email contacts for President/Ice Scheduler and League Rep by 9/1 (see instructions under Documents Tab)
  • Enter/Edit your teams and team contact emails that will be in the league this year asap- NYS tournament bound and non-tournament bound (the data in there was put in last year by each association). If you are unsure- put the team in- it is easier to drop out a team then to add one later. Instructions can be found under the Documents tab.
  • Enter your home game schedule (this is typically SEPT for Tier I and II and OCT/Nov for Tier III). Instructions can be found under the documents tab
  • Once games start- input HOME game scores ONLY onto the website- see Documents tab for instructions. Remember NNYSHL non-tournament bound divisions have a 6 goal max score differential
NNYSHL Non-Tournament BoundChampionship Weekend 2023
3/3/23 to 3/5/23
Semi-Finals Games 
2/10/23 to 2/12/23
10U North Playoffs!

The 10U North Division Playoff Weekend is 2/11-2/13

Conroy Division
Malone Civic Center (MCC) & Thomas Cavanaugh Arena (TCA) 

February 11th Home (white) v Away (dark)
1 MCC 5:30pm - 6:30pm Malone (Jones) SaraPLacid (Red)
2 MCC 6:40pm - 7:40pm Postdam (1) Chazy (Orange)
3 MCC 7:50pm - 8:50pm Louisville (Cam.) P'burgh (Black)

February 12th Home (white) v Away (dark)

MCC 9:30am - 10:35am P'Burgh (Black) Chazy (Orange) 
TCA 9:30am - 10:35am Potsdam (1) Lousiville (Cam.)
MCC 10:45am - 11:50am Watertown Malone (Jones)
MCC 2:30pm - 3:35pm SaraPlacid Watertown
TCA 3:30pm - 4:35pm P'Burgh (Black) Potsdam (1)
MCC 3:45pm - 4:50pm Chazy (Orange) Louisville (Cam.) 

February 13th Home (white) v Away (dark) 
Cheel  9:10am - 10:20am  Championship


Bogosian Division
DZA - Dominic Zappia Arena (Norfolk)

February 11th  Home (white) v Away (dark)
DZA 6:00pm - 7:00pm Potsdam v. Tri-Town
DZA 7:10pm - 8:10pm Canton v. SaraPlacid

February 12th Home (white) v Away (dark) 
DZA 9:00am - 10:00am Potsdam v. Canton 
DZA 10:10am - 11:10am Tupper Lake v. North Franklin 
DZA 11:20am - 12:20pm Tri-Town v. SaraPlacid 
DZA 12:30pm - 1:30pm Louisville v. Tupper Lake 
DZA 1:40pm - 2:40pm SaraPlacid v. Potsdam
DZA 2:50pm - 3:50pm Canton v. Tri-Town 
DZA 4:00pm - 5:00pm North Franklin v. Louisville 

February 13th Home (white) v Away (dark) 
Cheel 10:30am - 11:40am  Championship


Grenway Division
Malone Civic Center (MCC) & Thomas Cavanaugh Arena (TCA) 

February 12th Home (white) v Away (dark) 

MCC 8:15am - 9:20am Malone (Mallette) P'Burgh (Red)
TCA 8:15am - 9:20am N. Franklin (2) Potsdam (3)
MCC 12:00pm - 1:05pm Canton (Mills) N. Franklin (2)
MCC 1:15pm - 2:20pm P'Burgh (Red) Chazy (Black) 
TCA 4:45pm - 5:50pm Potsdam (3) Canton (Mills)
MCC 5:00pm - 6:05pm Chazy (Black) Malone (Mallette)

February 13th Home (white) v Away (dark) 
Cheel  11:50am - 1:00pm  Championship


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